The pathway to purity

Bring a Women's Mikvah to
Walnut Creek, Florida

Chabad of Walnut Creek was established in 2007 with the goal of making our part of the world a better place. With the help of Hashem, our shul has become the centerpiece of one of the fastest growing communities of young, Torah loving families, in South Florida.

The time has come for Walnut Creek to have it’s very own Women’s Mikvah!



  • Builders of Purity $50,000
  • Benefactors of Purity $36,000
  • Sponsors of Purity $25,000
  • Pillars of Purity $18,000
  • Life of Purity $10,000
  • Ascent of Purity $5,000
  • Platinum Sponsor $180 monthly
  • Gold Sponsor $108 monthly
  • Silver Sponsor $75 monthly
  • Bronze Sponsor $54 monthly